2018 Daffodil Day Photography Show March 28

John Marshall . 101 North 5th Street . Richmond

Schedule of Classes

Class Title Description
1 Portrait of a Daffodil A close-up, color photograph of a single daffodil bloom.
2 Daffodils in the Landscape or Garden A color photograph with daffodils in a vista or grouping.
3 Old Dutch Masters Recreated A color photograph of a flower arrangement with daffodils as the predominant flowers. Arrangement must have a solid color background.
4 An Abstract A photograph using creative techniques and incorporating daffodils or daffodil elements.
5 Daffodils at the Market Use your Smart phone and capture daffodils at the farmers market, flower stand or grocery store. Can be bulbs or flowers or both.

Scale of Points for Judging Photography

  Creative Technique Classes All Other Classes
Creativity 30 25
Composition 20 25
Technical Skill 25 20
Conformance / Interpretation 10 20
Distinction 15 10
Total 100 100

Contact Claire Mellinger at 917-371-4171 or if questions arise.